Faucet Instructions

Receive free Honk (SLP) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) by solving captchas.
Withdraw after reaching 1500 Honk or 10000 Satoshis.
Refer others and earn 40 Honk and 10 Satoshis per captcha they solve.


Withdraw your SLP and BCH to a simpleledger address. Do not withdraw to a Telegram Bot address if you have Satoshis. You can download a free wallet here.

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If you have your password, you may restore your account here

Referral System

Make 40 Honk and 10 Satoshis every time someone you refer uses the faucet. Share the link below and get rewards.

Referral Link https://faucet.honkhonk.io/r/ruqku
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Save your password somewhere otherwise you wont be able to restore your account in the future.